Programs and Services

Products and Services

We provide a complete range of organizational growth, revenue building, and professional development programs:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Revenue improvement strategies
  • Revenue improvement programs
  • Revenue improvement curriculum
  • Revenue improvement workshops
  • Management development programs
  • Hiring and recruitment services
  • Professional development programs
  • Team development workshops
  • Sales presentation workshops
  • Facilitation programs and services
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership workshops
  • Relationship development coaching
  • Relationship development workshops
  • Communication effectiveness coaching
  • Communication effectiveness workshops
  • Prospecting strategies coaching
  • Prospecting strategies workshops
  • Educational workshops
  • Organizational change

We have intentionally removed the terms “sales” and “training” from our vocabulary.  It is reflective of our philosophy that all our programs are not a single event but are part of an strategic and ongoing educational, development process.  Our success formula is based on participants discovering how to change their behaviors in response to a series of applied tools, and are not in the result of mere participation and attendance in a one day event.  It is our commitment to enhance, improve and change the behavioral mindset of your entire organization, one workshop at a time.

To learn more about these programs and how to bring them into your organization contact Dave Cooke today.