Delivering programs that combine effective strategy with a productive implementation structure to ensure defined outcomes:

Strategic planning:

  • External: Understand the customer and the market
  • Internal: Understand the culture and the team
  • Outcome: A strategic plan
    • Driven by direct knowledge
    • Where obstacles and challenges are identified and planned for in advance
    • Which includes an implementation process that includes
      • Clearly defined objectives and responsibilities
      • Training and development programs (individual, team, and leadership)
      • Organization wide communication protocols and responsibilities

Individual, Leader and Team Development:

  • All our development programs focus on four key areas of personal and professional awareness and accountability
    • Embracing responsibility: Discovering what is means to be responsible and accountable for both direct, personal assignments; but, also for the success of the organization beyond the job description.
    • Living with passion: Passion is not derived or measured by enthusiasm for the “job” or organization: rather, passion is understanding and embracing a commitment to a positive culture throughout.
    • Practicing humility: Discovering how to be a great team mate by communicating effectively and supporting others throughout the organization without walls, barriers, or hierarchy.
    • Making a commitment: Understanding the difference between intentions and plans vs. having time bound commitments and following through on them.

Growth focused development:

  • Relationship building
  • Business development strategies
  • Prospecting behaviors and activities
  • Effective communication and follow-through
  • Time management and organization
  • Individual coaching
  • Planning and forecasting for success

The terms “sales” and “training” have been carefully deleted from our vocabulary. It is our philosophy that every one of our programs are not a single event but are a strategically driven component of an ongoing educational, development process. Our success formula is based on participants discovering how to change their behaviors in response to a series of applied tools, and are not in the result of mere participation and attendance in a one day event.  It is our commitment to enhance, improve and change the behavioral mindset of your entire organization, one workshop at a time.

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