Sometimes it is the Simplest of Reasons

“You listened to us.” Sometimes the simplest of behaviors is the reason you secure that important piece of new business.  While catching up with a former client the other day they were sharing their selling success in securing a nice project.  Their primary competitor for this business was a very large, dominant player in their market.

The customer provided one clear, simple set of instructions: “give us a one page executive summary.”  The former client followed these instructions to the letter.  Their competition provided them with a detailed, comprehensive proposal.

A simple set of instructions that can’t be followed.  Were they listening or were they being stubborn, arrogant, or stupid?  Not sure.  Regardless, Goliath did not get the business because they did not listen to the customer.

Often securing or not securing business opportunities is based on the simplest actions.  Focus on delivering what your customer want and ask for, not what you think they need or what you want to share.  When you demonstrate your sensitivity to what they want you demonstrate you are listening.   It could be that simple.

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