Nine Examples of Sales Excellence

When it comes to sales excellence, nothing is more valuable than a good example.  I am pleased to share with you a great article taken from Inc. Magazine, “There’s No Such Thing As A Wrong Number“.  This is an article about  how wine salesman, David Rosen, uses a combination of powerful relationship building and prospecting skills to generate $500K in annual sales.  His approach is quite insightful, inspiring, and professionally challenging.  While I would encourage you to read the entire article, here is a quick list of the key points.

  1. There’s no such thing as a wrong number: When someone dials your number by accident use it as an opportunity to build a relationship.
  2. Cold calling is a matter of degree: Instead of simply working a list, do your research and only call people who have a likely interest your products.
  3. Gatekeepers are to be respected: “Don’t feel the need to get past the gatekeeper the first time…Use it t collect information that will be helpful later.”
  4. The customers know they are customers: Don’t be afraid to be honest.  When you start acting like a salesperson, own up to it.
  5. Learn your script then ditch it: Once you have developed your “pitch”, commit it to memory, toss it, and make it real, genuine, and natural.
  6. Data are good. More data are better: Gather as much information about your market: what people are purchasing, why they are purchasing, and what are the behaviors and trends.
  7. A good salesperson does more than sell: Following through on commitments, demonstrating great listening skills, and being a knowledgeable resource in areas other than your product are critically important, too.
  8. Nothing is more valuable than a good referral: It is important to note that referrals are earned.  Once a great relationship has been built, asking for permission to contact customer’s colleagues is appropriate and encouraged.
  9. Nudity is no excuse not to pitch: Relationship building opportunities can occur anywhere.  Always have your game on.

In today’s selling environment, true relationship building behaviors are the ultimate measures of success.  David Rosen, provides a great example for genuine, real, and sincere approach to building lasting relationships.

Too many professional salespeople are still playing the relationship “game”. Relationships are not a “game”, they are a commitment.  I would encourage all of you to use David Rosen’s as a role model–his results speak for themselves.

Dave Cooke is CEO of Strategic Resource Group, llc an organization specializing in helping businesses increase their revenues through effective growth initiatives and employee development programs. His contributions and insights can be found on his blog posts, SalesCooke and Sustainable Revenues.  He has also developed a new program for sustainable revenues in a down economy, known as SuRF.  To download this case study go to:

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  1. Gail Keith says:

    I love this. It goes along with an old saying “nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it” – all to often we create stories around things like a cold call list, but when you take a few minutes to research before you pick up the phone – its no longer cold and you could break through just by knowing a little bit about your prospect.