Sustainable, Repeatable, Predictable Growth

Business is Growth!!

  • Real growth is: Sustainable, Repeatable, Predictable
  • Sustainable growth is contigent upon an organizational teams committed an experience that serves, delights, and learns from their clients and maximizes client retention.
  • Repeatable growth requires the behaviors of a knowledgeable, skilled team engaged in a process quantified and qualified as successful and effective in attracting new clients.
  • Predictable growth means that successful results are not an accident — they are achieved through a focused strategy, process and behaviors defined specifically to insure desired results.

We have a 25 year record of consistently generating results of over 20% annualized growth.

Our educational programs transform businesses and stabilize stakeholder relationships.

Our approach is defined by our unique ability to educate participants on what it really means to build strong, stable, and enhanced relationships to achieve successful, high-performance outcomes.

Our Mission:  Bring professionalism — commitment, service, results — to the sales process that transforms the way relationships are built and revenues are increased.

Our Program: The foundation of all of our training, coaching, and strategic facilitation is centered in the following platforms:

  1. The ACRE Principle™ – The Four Stages of Effective and Sustainable Business Growth.
  2. Know Your Marlin™ — Our Focused, Intelligent Prospecting Program
  3. The Relate, Learn, Solve Growth Program™ — The Sales Model for Building Viable, Stable Business Relationships.
  4. Selfless ListeningThe Definitive Process for Listening and Learning in Sales.

From these templates we develop customized training modules for sales, sales management, customer service, client relations, and leadership.

Our Approach:  Training is an Event, Education is a Process”

Our educational programs provide a unique and continuous process of Training with Coaching to facilitate a consistent, ongoing application of the behaviors, tactics, and activities taught in each of our learning modules.  It is our philosophy that effective training is an ongoing process of continuous learning and discovery requiring regular reinforcement and support.

Call me…let’s Talk!

Nothing delights or energizes me more that an ind-depth conversation with a business leader.  Learning about their business, their successes, and their challenges is always insightful and inspiring! I relish every opportunity to connect and engage in a passionate conversation with fellow business owners.  These conversations provide valuable insights to unique and exciting business ideas that always educate and enlighten me.  While I often find the potential to provide support and guidance to others, it is these discussion with innovative, energetic business leaders that I enjoy the most!  I am available and interested; please, give me a call!“      ~ Dave Cooke, CEO, Strategic Resource Group

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