A proven, practical approach to your growth challenges!

Times have changed.  What used to work in the sales arena simply doesn’t.

Your customers:

  • Know more about your product and services than most of your team
  • Know who your competitors are and what they have to offer
  • Are way too busy to meet with someone who is simply trying to sell them something they don’t believe they want or need

Your challenge:

  • Getting in front of decision makers who can differentiate value
  • Building instant credibility and trust because you are not going to get enough time to do it any other way
  • Focusing your time, effort, and energy on buyers not shoppers and have a team that knows the difference between the two

Why SalesCooke?

  • I have been at this for 35 years
  • I have learned to adapt the old fundamentals into new age programs and processes
  • I am not interested in playing games with your sales people
  • I am committed to developing highly successful sales professionals

If you are struggling to:

  • Grow revenues
  • Build and maintain a stable sales team
  • Maintain sales margins and client relationships

Contact Dave Cooke.  I will straighten things out.